Axway, an innovative and responsible company in the digital sector

Global Compact

Each year, Axway signs up to the United Nations Global Compact and renews its CSR commitements.


Supplier & Partner Charter

This Charter sets out Axway’s commitments to its suppliers and partners, as well as the commitments expected of them.

2023 CSR Report

Chapter 3 - Non‑Financial Performance Statement - in the 2023 Universal Registration Document.

Employer commitment

Continue to shape the Company we want to work for.


Diversity at work

  • Workforce: 1,465 employees as of 12/31/2023
  • Women: 31% of the workforce, 27% of managers
  • People with disabilities: 2.6% of the workforce in France
  • Worldwide: 25% Americas, 29% France, 42% Rest of Europe, 4% Asia/Pacific

Gender equality France*

*published in 2024 based on 2023 data

Overall index of 77/100, broken down by indicator as follows:

  • Compensation gap indicator: 27
  • Increment rate gap indicator: 20
  • Promotion rate gap indicator: 15
  • Return from maternity leave indicator: 15
  • High pay indicator: 0


  • 145 people hired
  • 99% of contracts are open-ended
  • 23% women
  • Worldwide: 23% Americas, 29% France, 42% Rest of Europe, 6% Asia/Pacific 

Talent Development

  • 7,734 hours of training
  • 95% digitalized training
  • 0.75 days per employee
  • 75% of employees trained in information security

Employee engagement

  • 80% participation in the survey
  • 69% employee engagement score

Societal commitment

Have a positive impact in our communities as a leading software company.

odd sociétal

Establish our Digital Responsibility with our stakeholders.



Environmental commitment

Contribute to climate change mitigation



Discover the business model

Nos Strengths, our offer, our strategy et the value creation.

Our Mission : Securely move, integrate or expose the data of large enterprises.

modèle d'affaires

Modern Slavery Act Statement

Axway supports the fight against modern slavery throughout its organization and supply chain.