Axway's priority corporate responsibility challenges

logo gaia   Jan 26, 2021 - Axway is included in the Gaïa index, which ranks the 70 best French companies according to the ESG criteria of the Gaïa Rating.

Ranked 29th overall and 6th in the category of companies generating annual revenue of between €150 and €500 million, Axway continues to make progress in the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) category.




In 2020, Axway was able to increase the materiality of its commitments by prioritising  employer indicators, formally documenting social indicators and broadening environmental indicators.


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Extract from the 2020 Universal Registration Document 




These commitments are part of Axway's long-term strategic project:

  • Employer commitment: Attract, develop, mobilise and retain talent;
  • Societal commitment: Work with all our stakeholders in accordance with the Group’s ethics;
  • Environmental commitment: Reduce our environmental impact

1 - Employer commitment



  1888 employees
1888 employees

distributed in 17 subsidiaries worldwide : 26% France, 45% Europe excl. France, 26% Americas, 4 % Asia/Pacific.

  Gender equality
Gender equality

In France, Axway's gender equality index was 79/100 in 2020, vs. 75/100 in 2019 . In the United States, Axway is committed to the Equal Opportunity Employer programme.

  42% of the Axway workforce
42% of the Axway workforce

are dedicated to Research & Development and 40% are included in the Customer Success Organisation.

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2020 Internal Engagement Survey:

  • 86% employee participation rate, vs. 83% in 2019
  • 69% employee engagement rate, vs. 58% in 2019
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  • 247 new employees
  • 96 % permanent contracts
  • 27.9% women
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  • 24,176 training hours, 93% digital
  • 371 internal transfers: promotions or new job
  • 100% of employees in home office during the COVID-19 period
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  • Future of work internal survey

2 - Societal commitment


Establish our Digital Responsibility with our stakeholders. 


Each year, Axway signs up to the United Nations Global Compact and renews its CSR commitments.



Supporting digital transformation in complete security.


Innovating with responsible values.


Strengthening the responsible purchasing system.


Developing talent


Communicate according to best practices of transparency and equal treatment.

Société Civile

  • Supporting the skills of the most vulnerable.

3 - Environmental commitment

Reduce our direct and indirect impact


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Reduce our direct impact
  • Monitoring the consumption of energy resources and raw materials
  • Internal and external awareness
  • Analysis of resources used with suppliers
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Consider our indirect impact
  • Hosting resources
  • Data consumption
  • Software design and development
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2021 Progress areas
  • Employee development
  • Equal opportunities
  • Measuring our environmental impact

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