As a software publisher Axway supports companies and major organisations in their digital transformation and rolls out its Corporate Responsibility (CSR) policy through 3 commitments:

  • Social responsibility as an Employer,
  • Societal responsibility through relations established with stakeholders in its ecosystem,
  • Environmental responsibility as an economic player aware of the impact of its activities.
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Axway CSR targets

In 2024, Axway set CSR targets around three commitments: Employer, Societal and Environmental. The Company has set specific quantifiable objectives for each commitment, specifying the deadlines.

- Maintain an Employee Engagement Score greater than or equal to 65 in 2024,

- Achieve 33% female representation in the total workforce in 2024.

- Achieve a Net Promoter Score of 46 in 2024, 

- Continue to improve EcoVadis and CDP ratings.

- Contribute to carbon neutrality by reducing, and where required, offsetting scope 1 and 2 emissions by the end of 2028.

Employer Commitment

Continue to shape the Company we want to work for.


Diversity at work

  • Workforce: 1,465 employees as of 12/31/2023
  • Women: 31% of the workforce, 27% of managers
  • People with disabilities: 2.6% of the workforce in France
  • Worldwide: 25% Americas, 29% France, 42% Rest of Europe, 4% Asia/Pacific


  • 145 people hired
  • 99% of contracts are open-ended
  • 23% women
  • Worldwide: 23% Americas, 29% France, 42% Rest of Europe, 6% Asia/Pacific 

Talent Development

  • 7,734 hours of training
  • 95% digitalized training
  • 0.75 days per employee
  • 75% of employees trained in information security

France Gender equality

In 2024, Axway's professional equality index is 77/100 (2023 data). 

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Societal Commitment

To have a positive impact on our communities as a leading software Company.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

At Axway, customer satisfaction is measured using the Net Promoter Score (NPS). In 2023, Axway’s NPS improved to 37. This result, up 2 points compared to 2022.

Supplier Charter

In 2023, Axway set up for the first time a Supplier & Partner Charter. This Charter sets out Axway’s commitments to its suppliers.

Download the Supplier Charter

Each year, Axway assesses its CSR performance through the EcoVadis rating, which measures the Company’s CSR policy, actions, results and objectives with regard to governance, social, societal, environmental and ethical issues and sustainable purchasing processes.

In 2023, Axway’s overall rating increased by 9 points from 61 in 2022 to 70 in 2023.


Every year, Axway joins the United Nations Global Compact and renews its commitment to Corporate Responsibility.

Environnemental Commitment

Contribute to climate change mitigation.

Estimated carbon intensity by employee

Over the year, average emissions per employee represented 7.0 TCO2eq. compared to 7.7 TCO2eq. in 2022, down 8.8%.

Estimated carbon intensity by €M of Revenue

Average emissions compared to revenue totalled 32.3 TCO2eq./ €M compared to 37.5 TCO2eq. /€M in 2022, down 13.9%.



In 2023 Axway’s overall carbon footprint totalled 10,288 TCO2eq (Scopes 1, 2 and 3; including all types of GHG emissions), including 1,282 TCO2eq from Scope 1 and 2 emissions and 9,006 TCO2eq from Scope 3 emissions.