Axway Software has decided to replace CIC Market Solutions by SOCIETE GENERALE SECURITIES SERVICES (SGSS) for the administrative management of its registered shares.

The shares will be transferred automatically from CIC Market Solutions to SGSS on November 28, 2022. Discover the process and key-dates. 

2022 General Meeting

The Combined General Meeting will be held on:

Thursday, 11 May 2023 (time to be confirmed) – Etoile Business Center – 21-25 rue Balzac – 75008 Paris – France.

Documents and links of the 2022 Combined General Meeting

2022 General Meeting - Presentation

Voting Results 2022 Annual General Meeting (French Document)

2022 Annual General Meeting Replay (French version)

Minutes of the 2021 Shareholders' General Meeting (French version)

2022 Notice of the Combined General Meeting

Notice of the General Meeting BALO 6 May 2022 - French document

2021 Universal Registration Document

Announcement of the 2022 Axway General Meeting

BALO - Notice of the General Meeting (15 April 2022) - French version

Disclosure of the total number of voting rights and shares that comprise the share capital social as at 15 April 2022

Voting form - Specimen

Auditors report on the annual financial statements

Auditors report on the consolidated financial statements

Auditors' report on regulated agreements -French document

Auditors' attestation on the total amount of remuneration paid to the ten highest paid employees - French document

Auditors' report - 19th resolution - French document

Auditors' report -20th resolution - French document

Auditors' report - 21th resolution - French document

Auditors' report - 15 to 18th resolution - French document

Ask a question about the 2022 General Meeting

Press release on the availability of the General Meeting Documents

Notice of meeting published in the Legal publication « L'Eco Savoie Mont-Blanc » on 6 may 2022- French version