2022 General Meeting

The Axway 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday, 24 May 2022 - Etoile Business Center Paris -

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The Axway 2021 Annual General Meeting held Tuesday, 25 May 2021 in a closing session.

Please find below the replay of the Meeting, the voting results and the useful documentation.




Documents and links of the 2021 Combined General Meeting

2021 Annual General Meeting Replay

Voting Results 2021 Annual General Meeting (French Document)

2021 General Meeting


2020 Universal Registration Document

BALO - Notice of the General Meeting (19 April 2021) - French version

Disclosure of the total number of voting rights and shares that comprise the share capital social as at 19 April 2021

Combined General Meeting of 25 May 2021 in closed session

Voting form -Specimen-

Ask a question about the 2021 General Meeting

Auditors' attestation on the total amount of remuneration paid to the ten highest paid employees [] French document

Auditors' report - 1st resolution - French document

Auditors' report -2nd resolution - French document

Auditors' report - 14th resolution - French document -

Auditors' report - 16th and 18th resolutions - French document -

Auditors report -20th resolution - French document -

Auditors' report on regulated agreements -French document-

Information on the candidate directors referred to in Art. R.225-83 section 5 of the Comm. Code: Mrs Nicole-Claude Duplessix. (4th resolution) and Mr Michael Gollner. (5th resolution) (Notice of meeting brochure pages 13, 14, 18, 28)

Resolutions explanations -2021 Universal Registration Document, pages 263-265-

Summary table of the use of financial delegations -2021 Universal Registration Document, pages 238-243-

Press release of the General meeting document availibility

2021 Notice of the Combined General Meeting

Notice of the General Meeting BALO 7 May 2021 -French document-


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