Pierre Pasquier

Dear Shareholders,

As the cloud, artificial intelligence and digital platforms revolutionize the way we work, the world's largest companies are entering a new era. The efficiency and performance of organisations now depend to a large extent on their ability to make optimal use of their business critical data. Players who are best supported in these evolutions open the way to new growth dynamics and generate crucial competitive edges. Axway has been an independent leader in enterprise data management for over 20 years, positioning itself at the heart of the development strategies of more than 11,000 Customers worldwide.

In 2023 Axway confirmed the efficiency of its new business model. Thanks to a refocused strategy, supported by an agile product portfolio and relevant subscription offerings, Axway has once again exceeded its annual targets. Continued efforts to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational efficiency provide a clear roadmap and unprecedented business visibility.

The strong choices made by the management team over the last 5 years are bearing fruit and confirm the company's ability to launch the next stage of a successful, independent business project. Axway's solid foundations are based on a proven organisation and a healthy financial situation.

Since its genesis, Axway has been bringing together enterprise software that facilitates the day-to-day operations of the world's largest organisations. The company has always grown both organically and by achieving key milestones through acquisitions. This requires a discipline and rigour that the company must be in a position to implement. Axway's proven organisation and sound financial situation provide a solid foundation for this.

Reaching critical size is always an important moment in the life of a company. The organisation and its stakeholders are projected into their future at an accelerated pace, and this generates challenges, but above all great opportunities.

In this respect, Axway’s project to acquire a significant share of SBS’s activities, announced at the end of February 2024, is of undeniable strategic interest to both companies. Together, they would consolidate values, expertise and organisations that already have a lot in common, and would mutually benefit from each other. This new, stronger entity would serve a long-term entrepreneurial project by creating a new major player in the space of enterprise software in France, Europe and around the world.


Pierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors