Pierre Pasquier


Dear Shareholders,

2022 will have been a pivotal year in Axway's renewal. In a persistently complex macroeconomic and geopolitical environment, the Company maintained a consistent strategic trajectory to consolidate its position as a globally recognised leader in data integration and flow management for large organisations. During the year, Axway successfully combined experience, agility and commitment to operational efficiency to prove the relevance of its renewed business model and comfortably exceed its targets.

Thanks to the successful refocus of its product portfolio in 2022, Axway is now concentrating on its key offerings to respond ever more effectively to the needs of the large companies it supports. 

This strategy, through which Axway aims to become the reference partner for its customers in their digital transformation, enables the Company to grow a solid base of recurring revenue year after year, supported by the continued progression of its Subscription-based offerings. In fact, Axway has reached a record level of revenue in 2022 while significantly improving its profitability.

Creating value for all of the Company's stakeholders remained a top priority during the year. In addition to its excellent financial results, Axway once again improved its level of customer satisfaction thanks to the tireless commitment of its employees. More broadly, Axway continues to emphasise its corporate responsibility through ambitious social, societal and environmental commitments and has made non-financial performance a central focus of its project for the coming years.

The management team, led by Patrick Donovan, has drawn up a clear roadmap for 2023 and is already looking ahead with determination. In a particularly competitive environment, Axway must continue to generate growth and profitability in order to be able to write a new chapter in its history by approaching the symbolic level of €500 million in revenue. This will require external growth.
The governance bodies for which I am responsible will, as always, support an independent and engaged project, capitalising on the experience of a long but successful transformation to seize the best development opportunities for Axway.


Pierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors