Dear Shareholders,

The digital society in which we live makes data a precious asset.

Between two applications, from a payment terminal to an accounting book or from a plane to a control tower, it accompanies us daily, wherever we go and regularly plays a crucial role in our lives.

Mastered, data can contribute to medical progress as well as drive the development of a company or project. Neglected, it can cause major disruptions. Recent events have shown how data usage can influence the economy, geopolitics or social issues of our world.

Aware of these new challenges, large organisations are making the best use of their data by adopting strategies to navigate through technological waves, no matter how disruptive they may be.

For more than 15 years, Axway has been an independent expert in the management of critical data flows and offers its customers high performance infrastructure solutions designed to deliver fast and efficient operational benefits.

Under the leadership of Patrick Donovan, Chief Executive Officer since April 2018, Axway has accelerated the execution of its strategy to support the growth of its Subscription offers. This has been reflected in increased investments in Research & Development, Sales and Marketing. The Group has chosen to rely on its historical areas of expertise to build a complete portfolio of infrastructure offerings, with the AMPLIFY™ hybrid integration platform as the flagship. Thanks to AMPLIFY™, Axway plans to become a market leader in hybrid integration platforms by the end of 2020.

To achieve this ambitious objective, the Group will continue its efforts in 2019. The progressive launch of the platform's various functionalities will require new investments but should contribute to a return to growth for Axway's activities over the year, which would represent an important signal of the success of the ongoing operations.

Axway's executive team can count on the support of the Board of Directors in carrying out its mission. We will ensure that the Group's project, through the adoption of its new business model, creates value for all its stakeholders.


Pierre PasquierPierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors