Dear Shareholders,

As Axway finalises its first Universal Registration Document, humanity is facing an unprecedented global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As early as mid-March 2020, the Group formed a Committee to monitor developments in the health and economic situation, implemented secure remote working procedures for all employees and has since been closely monitoring cash management and its financial position.

On April 7, 2020 , due to current uncertainties, Axway announced that its annual objectives were now in doubt and that the Board of Directors had decided that the responsible action was to propose to the General Meeting that no dividend be paid in respect of fiscal year 2019.

While our personal and professional lives have been affected by the health crisis, we need to be cautious and agile in an environment that has become highly uncertain.

The desire to support customers with their highly complex operating issues has always been firmly embedded in Axway’s DNA. In these challenging times, when decisions need to be quick and effective, the Group’s teams remain fully mobilized to deliver the solutions, subscriptions, and services critical to customer operations.

In 2019, Axway demonstrated its ability to evolve its organisation and practices to offer even more flexibility to its 11,000 customers. The Group not only successfully restored revenue growth, but also significantly improved customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

In 2020, despite an external environment whose impacts are currently difficult to quantify, the Group’s Board of Directors will continue to accompany the Executive Committee in the strategic choices that will enable Axway to sustainably create a development and value creation momentum. The challenges raised by this momentum concern, above all, Axway’s commitment to its stakeholders.

In line with its historical values, the Group remains committed to its economic, social and societal ecosystem. Our commitments to developing talent, business ethics and reducing our environmental impact perfectly illustrate these values and are reinforced today by a profound belief: working together we can overcome all challenges.


Pierre Pasquier Pierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors