Dear Shareholders,

In the Middleware sector, 2017 was a seminal year for the adoption of Cloud computing and SaaS (Software as a Service) models, which are now extensively integrated in the digital strategies of major organizations. Although the change to this form of consumption was initially confined to application software, it is now making significant inroads in the technical software market. Naturally, Axway sits right at the heart of this transformation.

In this global technological shift, long-standing players such as Axway have to guarantee a high quality on-premise product offering whilst accelerating the transition of their product portfolios toward so-called “as a service" models. Axway's objective is to stabilize sales of its foundation products whilst ramping up investments linked to accelerating the innovation of its core "digital" platform offerings.

In addition to technology changes in their markets, companies today are facing a number of other changes. They have to be simultaneously strong financial performers, innovative, responsible and transparent in an environment that is increasingly regulated and more global than ever. The employees and governance bodies at Axway work day in, day out, to rise to these challenges.

Supported by the dynamism of the entire organization, Axway has implemented the first stages of its transformation strategy. Benefiting from a global footprint and powerful ecosystem of employees, customers and partners, the Group has numerous assets to help it become a leader in its markets.

Axway's transformation plan will continue until 2020 under the guidance of Patrick Donovan who was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer by the Board of Directors. His main mission will be to accelerate the implementation of the strategy by engaging all the company's stakeholders to move toward the tremendous opportunities that call for strategic choices and farsighted tactics.

As always, Axway can count on the support of the Sopra Steria Group, with which its already extensive collaborations continue to grow. The complementary fields of expertise between Axway and Sopra Banking Software have, for example, landed us a significant role in projects to overhaul the information systems of leading banks and financial institutions.

Although the economy and technologies are currently undergoing dramatic changes and transformation, the capabilities and the commitment of the Axway team give me confidence in the company's plan.


Pierre PasquierPierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors