Dear Shareholders,

While the unprecedented global mobilisation continues to combat a brutal and unforeseeable health and economic crisis, it was particularly difficult to draw up an assessment of 2020, a year we would like to forget for countless reasons.

Nevertheless, in 2020, Axway stood out for the resilience of its business model in a radically disrupted environment. The company skilfully overcame the numerous hurdles that the pandemic threw in its path and I am proud to say that Axway is entering its 20th year on a sound footing.

In the world of software, celebrating 20 years is a major achievement. Today, Axway is a seasoned infrastructure market specialist but can demonstrate the agility of a leading technological company, as illustrated by the transformation of its business model.

Spurred by Patrick Donovan and his teams, the last three years have seen numerous changes. In 2020, Axway finalised its transformation plan to become a leader in its new markets and is now looking to the next chapter in its adventure.

Over the next few years, Axway will continue to combine its pioneering experience with the ever renewed momentum required by the global software publishing market. The first phase of this new project is 2021, which we all hope will be marked by a return to normality for our activities and lives.

I know that in 2021, Axway’s 1,888 employees will once again do their utmost to make their Company a committed player in its economic, social and societal ecosystem. By combining value creation and commitment to the Company’s various stakeholders, Axway can further its development with ever growing success.

Digital technology will play a major role in our future and software infrastructure is one of its key components. Axway must be able to seize the opportunities that will confirm its position as an independent leader.

This will depend, as always, on the Company’s ability to propose the best technologies, experiences and offerings to its customers. But furthermore, and above all, it will also require flexibility and the capacity to adapt in a world where uncertainty is the new normal. 


Pierre Pasquier Pierre Pasquier
Chairman of the Board of Directors