Shareholder Relations & General Meeting

How can I obtain the Annual Reports? 

The Registration Document, the Half-yearly Financial Report and Corporate Responsibility are available for consultation and downloading in the Annual Reports section.


How can I be informed of the General Assembly?

At least 15 days before the meeting, Axway sends a notice of meeting to all shareholders. This notice shall specify the date, time and place, as well as the modalities of participation and the agenda.

Axway also publishes information on the Shareholders' Meeting in the Shareholders' Meeting section.


What are the differences between a bearer account, a pure registered account and an administered registered account?

There are two ways to hold shares in a French company: either bearer shares or registered shares. Discover the different types of equity management methods in the Manage Share section


What is the date of Axway's initial public offering?

Axway became an independent company, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (Euronext: AXW.PA), by split-off operation in June 2011.


What is the breakdown of Axway's share capital?

Find out more about Axway's shareholding structure in the Shareholder structure section.


I would like to ask a question to a person in the Shareholder Services Department. How can I contact you?

You can contact Axway's Financial Communication team by going to the Contacts section.


Investor Relations

How can I find out more about Axway (business, key figures, etc.)?

Axway Software is a software publisher of French origin, discover more information in the Business & Strategy section.


How can I find out about Axway's results?

Axway's results are available in the Results section


How can I find out about Axway's upcoming conference and also obtain all Axway financial releases? 

To be immediately informed of significant events in Axway's life, subscribe to our mailing list.

Financial appointments are listed in the Calendar section.

Financial press releases are available in the All the publications section

How can I contact a person in charge of Investor Relations?

You can contact Axway's Financial Communication team by going to the Contacts section.


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